Natural Orange Degreaser & All-Purpose Cleaner

This eco friendly product ranges from an all purpose cleaner to a heavy duty industrial degreaser. Emulsifies heavy grease, soap scum, rubber burns, floor finishes, black heel marks, dirt, printer ink and carbon deposits. Continues to perform well under high use dilution ratios. Natural Orange is eco-friendly, non-flammable, contains no hard abrasives and is non-corrosive.

General Details

May be sprayed, mopped, wiped or brushed on. Recommended dilutions as follows:

For all-purpose / light duty cleaning: 1 part cleaner to 50 parts water

Medium duty cleaning, Wax Stripping & Steam Cleaning: 1 to 30 with water

Heavy duty cleaning, Degreasing Engines & Machinery, Cleaning Ovens, White Side Walls and Tires: 1 to 10 with water

When used undiluted will attack most any degreasing task imaginable.


Available in:

  • 55 gallon drum
  • 5 gallon bucket