All Purpose

Here at Energen, we know it can be difficult to find the right pressure washing chemical for your specificPressure Washing Chemicals cleaning application with so many options available. 

That is why Energen has organized our chemical options into specific use categories to help guide you in the right direction.  However, everyone has a need for an all-purpose cleaner. 

We have made a list of our chemicals that we feel fall under the all-purpose category.   Whether you’re battling grease, scuff marks, soap scum, or even dust, our fast-acting cleaners will have you back to shining in no time. 

Help preserve the life of your equipment, speed up the cleaning job, or protect surfaces from corrosion by using one of Energen’s premium cleaners.  For additional help selecting the best chemical cleaner, contact us.

BD-30 Concentrate

Our most versatile degreaser. Strong enough to clean engines, but safe to use on wood, plastics and even furniture! Continues to work well under high-dilution ratios.

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