We’ve got all of your automotive needs covered with our extensive line of Specialty Automotive Cleaners and Detailing Products. Start with one of our Car or Truck Washes, and finish off with our Armor Bright Surface Renovator and Five Star Tire Dressing. Your car will shine for weeks to come!

Super Truck & Bus Wash

This heavy-duty concentrate is designed for  washing trucks, buses, tractors, heavy equipment and more. Can also be used for wheel cleaning, exhaust areas, white side walls, exterior surfaces and as a degreaser!

Sand Maker

Strong but safe acidic cleaner. Removes light to heavy concrete and mineral deposits from mixing trucks, scaffolding, forms, tools and more. Excellent Efflorescence Remover, Oxidation Remover & Gutter Cleaner. Non Corrosive.

Parts Wash Solvent

Odorless pressure washer and steam-cleaning compound. Rapidly removes carbon engine tarnish, gum, grime, oxidized oils and tar deposits. May be used on all types of industrial and construction equipment, lift trucks and over the road vehicles.

Panel Bright

Desgined to clean OTR trucks and commercial vehicles with little to no scrubbing. Panel Bright is our top selling truck wash. It cleans painted surfaces and brightens aluminum surfaces. Ideal for drive through truck wash. Also great for ATV's!

MX-44 Truck Wash Powder

High-strength truck wash powder designed for washing commercial vehicles and equipment. Ideal for tough grease, exhaust areas and stainless steel surfaces.

Super Glass Cleaner Concentrate

Save time and money with our top of the line Glass Cleaner Concentrate. An economical cleaner designed for all types of glass and glassware. Will not streak. Also safe to use on any type of tile, chrome, vinyl, plastic and stainless steel surfaces. Perfect for restaurants, window cleaners, car washes and dealerships!

Five Star Dressing

A premium vinyl and rubber dressing. Ultra-high gloss, self-leveling, with watermelon fragrance.

Car Wash & Wax Concentrate

High foaming concentrate that will wash and wax your vehicle in one step! It adds a protective polymer coating to the surface of your vehicle that enhances the gloss of your paint and repels water for an extended shine. Car Wash & Wax can quickly break down and remove even the most tenacious soils without the use of harsh caustics.

Brake Solve 99

Effectively removes oil, grease, break fluid and other soils from automotive and machinery parts. This product evaporates rapidly leaving the surface clean and dry.

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