Custom Trailers

Give your pressure washing set-up an upgrade!
Energen has a variety of pressure washers and equipment available, but we also know that some businesses require custom pressure washing units. We specialize in customizing trailer units and other transport vehicles such as vans and pickups to support your business needs.
Contact Energen or stop by to speak with one of our trained personnel on how to configure the best combination of pressure washing equipment with your mode of transport.

Hydrotek SC30008HG Custom Trailer

This custom trailer features a Hydrotek SC30008HG Hot Water Pressure Washer with Stainless Steel Frame. It's compact, but packs a punch!

Hydrotek SS35005VG Custom Trailer

This trailer features Hydrotek SS35005VG Hot Water Pressure Washer. Great for washing equipment & industrial clean-up.

Dual PSI Bandit Setup

This trailer is built with two PSI Bandit Belt Drive Skid cold water units. Perfect for residential washers!

Delco Cobalt Super Skid Model 65006

This unit features a Delco Cobalt Super Skid hot water pressure washer. A powerful multi-functional setup!

PSI Cold Water Hi-Flow Ultra Skid

This PSI Bandit Ultra Skid cold water setup is ideal for any commercial pressure washing job!