Grease, grime and oily residues can be tough to clean. Make any job easier with one of our specialty degreasers. All of Energen’s degreasing products are designed to take the tough out of cleaning, so that you are spending less money and time scrubbing.

Super Truck & Bus Wash

This heavy-duty concentrate is designed for  washing trucks, buses, tractors, heavy equipment and more. Can also be used for wheel cleaning, exhaust areas, white side walls, exterior surfaces and as a degreaser!

Pine III Disinfectant

This refreshing all-purpose cleaner concentrate works as a disinfectant and deodorizer that will leave your room looking and smelling clean and crisp. It cleans and refreshes surfaces quickly and easily. It is designed to do multiple jobs efficiently at full strength or diluted for economy use.

Parts Wash Solvent

Odorless pressure washer and steam-cleaning compound. Rapidly removes carbon engine tarnish, gum, grime, oxidized oils and tar deposits. May be used on all types of industrial and construction equipment, lift trucks and over the road vehicles.

Panel Bright

Desgined to clean OTR trucks and commercial vehicles with little to no scrubbing. Panel Bright is our top selling truck wash. It cleans painted surfaces and brightens aluminum surfaces. Ideal for drive through truck wash. Also great for ATV's!

Natural Orange Degreaser & All-Purpose Cleaner

This eco friendly product ranges from an all purpose cleaner to a heavy duty industrial degreaser. Emulsifies heavy grease, soap scum, rubber burns, floor finishes, black heel marks, dirt, printer ink and carbon deposits. Continues to perform well under high use dilution ratios. Natural Orange is eco-friendly, non-flammable, contains no hard abrasives and is non-corrosive.

Natural “O” Powder

Designed for both Jet Washers and Hot Soak Tanks. Formulated especially for effective removal of heavy grease, resins, and other industrial soils from all types of parts and equipment. This powerful formulation is non-caustic and safe on all ferrous and non-ferrous metals. It loosens and removes oil quickly yet allows them to float to the top for easy skimming. Dissolves readily and rinses freely. Easy to use and Eco-Friendly.

MX-46 Degreaser

Effective oil, tar and asphalt remover for use on heavy equipment and aboard ships for cleaning tanks, bilges and oil spills. This product has all the dissolving power required to do the job but none of the objectionable odors. MX-46 Degreaser is biodegradable, non-corrosive, non-caustic and non-acidic. This is our most powerful degreaser & can be modified to increase detergency for foaming purposes.

MX-44 Truck Wash Powder

High-strength truck wash powder designed for washing commercial vehicles and equipment. Ideal for tough grease, exhaust areas and stainless steel surfaces.

Mineral Spirits

Used as an extraction solvent, as a cleaning solvent, as a degreasing solvent and is used for cleaning and degreasing machine tools and parts, to remove adhesive residue from non-porous surfaces, and many other common tasks.

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