Pressure Washing

At Energen we manufacture a variety of specialty chemicals to meet the needPressure Washing Chemicals of any pressure washing project. Our pressure washing chemicals range from concentrated bleach to eco-friendly options and work with both hot and cold water pressure washers.

The use of quality pressure washer soaps and detergents will extend the life of your equipment while saving you valuable time.  Using cleaners with your pressure washing job will remove grime more quickly and efficiently than pressure washing alone.  Some jobs require specialty detergents to cut through road film, grease, and diesel smoke.

We have a solution for it all.  Check out some of our specialty pressure washing chemicals below.  For additional questions on any of the pressure washing products below  contact Energen.

#1 Truck Wash Concentrate

Designed as part of a two-step system to clean OTR trucks/trailers & commercial vehicles. Ideal for use in a Drive-Thru Truck Wash.  Easily removes mineral deposits, concrete dust, carbon stack stain & magnetic road film without brushing. Will also clean & brighten aluminum and painted surfaces without damage.