March 2, 2020

Fleet Vehicle Washing


Road film removal can be one of the trickiest jobs to tackle when it comes to fleet washing. Many different elements contribute to road film such as mud, dust, pollen, snow, sand, soot, exhaust residue, oil, brake dust, and cement dust, and these elements can vary greatly from place to place. That makes for thousands, if not millions of different possible combinations of soils. Some components are water soluble and can be washed away by rain, but the non-water-soluble contaminants are left behind and become cured to the surface of your vehicle by UV rays.

Additionally, many of the elements above bear a positive electric charge, whereas the exterior of most vehicles carries a negative charge. This creates a strong magnetic attraction between the two which makes them even harder to separate from one another.

Using a two-step cleaning method is the most effective way to break the bond and remove magnetic road film from your vehicle. First an acidic solution, like our #1 Truck Wash Concentrate, is used to create a static charge that penetrates the road film, and then an alkaline based solution, like our #2 Truck Wash Concentrate, is applied to lift away grease and oil. After applying both products, use a pressure washer to rinse.

To achieve the best results, we recommend using a two-step pressure washer from Largo Cleaning Systems.

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