May 9, 2017

How to get your Pressure Washing business off the ground

It is common nowadays to hear about these “Get Rich Quick” schemes, or “How to Make Millions Overnight,” but most of us have figured out that getting rich quick rarely happens unless you luck out with a winning lottery ticket or some kind of huge inheritance. Realistically, getting rich is hard work, and usually takes years, often decades. You can’t be a stranger to getting your hands dirty, or good ol’ customer service. If you stay true to your vision, maintain your integrity and consistency, then most of the time you can make a pretty good life for yourself. We want to see all of our customers succeed, and will be here to support our local businesses big and small alike. If you are thinking about starting your own Pressure Washing business, here are some tips to get your gig off the ground.

Study Your Market – Make sure you live in, or can commute to an area where there is a demand for Pressure Washers. This is important before starting any business because you could end up wasting a lot of time and money investing in something that not many people need or want. A lot of times this comes down to the average person’s disposable income in your area. If people don’t have extra money to buy your services then that is a good indicator that you might not get much business. Makes sense right? It also helps to make sure your brand is unique, original. Try to think of ways you can stand out among the other local businesses.

Save, Save, Save – Another important prerequisite to starting any business is saving money. You need money to get a business license, and to invest in your start-up costs. You will probably also incur unexpected costs along the way before any real income starts flowing. And remember that you technically don’t start profiting until you’ve paid off your initial costs.

Invest – Do it right the first time. You don’t want to be a year into operations and have an, “oh crap” moment when you realize you’ve wasted months training the wrong people, or by taking the cheap route on equipment, supplies, location, etc. I will readily admit that I am a huge bargain shopper, and it’s a wonderful trait to have, but we must also recognize when money needs to be spent for the better of the business. Making decisions about money is never easy, but cutting corners to save a penny will have you losing dollars in the end.

Marketing– Always start with word-of-mouth, even before you’ve started your business. Spread the word as much as you can, encourage referrals, and use free tools like Facebook and LinkedIn to get your name out there. Just make sure to be consistently professional in your posts. Spend a little money when you can on advertising, but be sure to focus on 1-2 media outlets that will work the best for your business and your desired audience. Always make it a priority to deliver what you promise. Don’t overdo it on specials and promos, especially at first, because you don’t want to undersell yourself. Just because someone else’s products might be cheaper does not mean cutting rates is a good sales method. It can give the impression that you don’t feel confident enough in your product or service.

Work Hard – This is perhaps the most important bit of advice I can give you: Do what needs to be done to make everyone a repeat customer. This is how you build your base and reputation. From the first customer to the last, you want to make a good impression. Imagine buying services from a new local Pressure Washer only to find out they are unpleasant to work with, or did a sloppy job on your house. Would you rehire them? Probably not. It is no myth that first impressions are lasting, and therefore key to your business’ survival and prosperity. It does not matter if you have a high-school education or a Masters degree, if you aren’t a hard worker then you will never succeed. Anyone can do it! You have to be ready to grin-and-bear it sometimes, but in the end you will feel proud, fulfilled, and your pockets should stay nice and full.

Overall starting a business is hard, but we believe anyone can do it. Afterall, Energen was started out of a local Charleston garage and has grown to be the top distributor of Industrial Pressure Washers in South Carolina. So don’t let uncertainty hold you back. At Energen we are here to help with any questions or projects, big or small. Call or stop by so we can help your Pressure Washing business work better for you!

Energen is South Carolina’s leading pressure washer dealer.  For additional questions or information about pressure washer units contact the experts at Energen.


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