June 12, 2017

Great Uses for Natural Orange

“Going Green” is a term we are all familiar with.  It is not just a trend anymore; it has become a world movement, and for good reason. Reducing our individual and corporate carbon footprint has immense benefits for our planet and well-being.  We have seen a huge transition to “green” cleaning products, household goods, food, beverages, and even clothing. Using eco-friendly products can be beneficial to any industry, and should be substituted whenever possible. Especially when working outside and/or around bodies of water. This is what inspired us to create our Natural Orange Cleaner.

If you are looking for an environmentally safe, natural substitute for your degreaser or all-purpose cleaner our Natural Orange is a great go-to. From pressure washing to busting barnacles off of boat docks, Natural Orange is a versatile, all-purpose cleaner that has many uses. This chemical emulsifies heavy grease, soap scum, rubber burns, dirt & grime, and even removes printer ink and carbon deposits. It continues to work well even under high dilution ratios. This product is also non-flammable, non-corrosive and contains no hard abrasives. It is ideal for most cleaning projects. So, if that voice inside your head is guilt tripping you about the cheap, toxic chemicals you buy from the grocery store, then you have a chance to silence that voice for good. Once you have tried our Natural Orange you will have permanent peace-of-mind.

Need an environmentally safe cleaner for your vinyl seating or leather upholstery? Our Armour Bright is a sweet-smelling, environmentally safe Surface Renovator that is great for vinyl, plastics, acrylics and leather. It helps repel dirt and grime while also protecting against ultraviolet rays and atmospheric ozone. Armour Bright is also great for automotive maintenance.

Energen is South Carolina’s leading pressure washer dealer.  For additional questions or information about pressure washer units contact the experts at Energen.

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