May 15, 2017

What not to clean with your Pressure Washer

Many of us are familiar with the odd satisfaction we feel when pressure washing a dirty surface. You know, the relief of busting right through all of that dirt and grime, inch-by-inch, and watching it instantly wash away? To a lot of us it’s like having an immediate weight lifted, and this excitement could cause some of us get a little overzealous with our pressure washers. Not that we don’t love overzealous pressure washers, but we encourage you to also use them wisely to stay out of harm’s way. Here are a few examples of surfaces that should not be cleaned with a pressure washer:

  • Your Car. This one is tempting for many because it does seem kind of practical, right? But in reality you could easily damage your car by stripping paint, creating dents, or even by completely breaking off small exterior parts of the vehicle. The best method for hand-washing your car is with a good ol’ bucket of warm water mixed with our Car Wash & Wax, a non-abrasive scrub brush and a little elbow grease. If you need something stronger for your trucks, tractor or trailer then we recommend our Panel Bright or Super truck Wash.
  • Your roof. This might seem surprising because we consider our roofs to be sturdy and hard to damage. This is true in most cases, but pressure washing your roof is dangerous and can be destructive. Asphalt shingles contain granules in each shingle that help extend the life of your roof. These can be stripped away if even one shingle becomes raised or torn away. This could result in an expensive fix. Not to mention the dangers of standing on a wet roof or using a pressure washer on a ladder or slanted surface. Instead, use a bleach/water mix to spray on the shingles. The mold will die off on its own.
  • Aluminum Siding. This stuff is dents fairly easily, but actually can be cleaned in most cases on a lower pressure setting with a broader nozzle. To help with these cases you can pick up some Aluminum Brightener from our shop to help scrub away those blemishes.

Not sure if your project is pressure-washer ready? When in doubt, give us a call! We’re always happy to answer any questions or help with any task!

Energen is South Carolina’s leading pressure washer dealer.  For additional questions or information about pressure washer units contact the experts at Energen.

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