Armor Bright Surface Renovator

Armor Bright Surface Renovator is an emulsion cleaner that uses a blend of silicones and wetting agents to penetrate, renew and protect a wide variety of surfaces including vinyl, leather, acrylics, thermoplastics and plastics. helps repel dirt and grime while providing protection against ultraviolet rays and atmospheric ozone. Environmentally safe and pleasantly scented. Great for automotive and boat detailing!

General Details

Remove dirt, grease & grime with good cleaner and rinse thoroughly. Allow time to dry, then apply finish and protectant by spraying or spreading over the surface. Allow sufficient time to penetrate (2-3 hours is best), then buff off excess by using soft clean cloth. Repeat application for best protection as required to keep surfaces clean, glossy and protected.

Keep from freezing.

Available in 5 gallon only