Hydro Tek SS Series

SS Series Mobile Wash Skids are gas driven, diesel fired hot water pressure washers featuring steel frames, stainless steel panels, & industrial components. Wheel kit optional.

General Details


Rugged “Pro-tect-it” Frame: Hydro Tek’s unique “Pro-tect-it” frame of 1¼”, heavy gauge steel, with durable electrostatically applied powder coat finish, can be truck or trailer mounted, pulled with the optional wheel kit, or left as a stationary skid.

Stainless Steel Panels: These rugged and durable panels offer lifetime rust and corrosion resistance and protection of your valuable investment from the harshest environments. Keeps your machine looking like new for years to come.

Simple to Use Controls: Lighted rocker switch, thermostat and other controls are located on an easy to reach recessed panel to prevent damage.

Industrial Engines: Efficient OHV, twin-cylinder gas engines with electric key start, oil filter, low oil shutdown, and cast iron cylinder for maximum duty and performance. Some models equipped with a durable diesel engine for enhanced longevity and efficient operation. Note: the GX390 Honda is a single cylinder engine.

Fuel Tanks: Heavy Duty “roto-molded” rust free fuel tanks with fuel filter to protect against contaminated fuel. Safely refill fuel tanks away from hot engine. Extended run time (up to 8hrs.) eliminates interruptions. Note: the GX390 Honda has an integrated fuel tank.

Frame Mounted Unloader: The unloader is frame mounted eliminating heat failures and vibration. Low flow models have pressure activated unloaders for consistent and dependable operation. Higher flow models have flow activated unloaders which allow pressure to build up gradually as trigger gun is activated eliminating “pressure spikes” and improving operator control and safety. When the gun is released, entire system pressure is relieved enhancing life of washer and eliminating engine starting problems.

SpiraLast™ Coil: The coil is a Hydro Tek manufactured SpiraLast™ heating coil. Robotically fused ½” schedule 80 steel pipe is cold rolled to protect the steel pipe from fatigue and the spiral coil is then surrounded by ceramic insulation and stainless enclosure with double-wall end caps. Ask your dealer about the Lifetime Coil Warranty.

Flexible, high intensity 12V Diesel Burner System:  Sophisticated 12V burner system transforms available power from system to fire the diesel burner. This efficient burner system, with PowerLight ignitor, provides maximum burner performance. No outside power source is required. (See SCX Series for additional 12v skids)

Belt Drive or Direct Drive Pump: These industrial triplex, ceramic plunger pumps are run at lower RPM to give maximum efficiency and longevity outperforming the competition. Pumps are located front and center for easy access. Belt drive models have the EZ Align™ belt tensioning system to allow for easy, single bolt, belt tensioning adjustments.

More Standard Features:

  • Burst disc technology for operator safety
  • Adjustable temperature up to 250ºF with steam setting (SS30008HG is adjustable to 200º, no steam setting)
  • Heavy duty wand & gun with nozzle storage, 50’ high pressure hose and quick release nozzles
  • Slide out, snap lid battery box
  • Additional features for SS35004VH: Flow activated burner delivers a hot water, low pressure rinse. Extra air band capacity for high altitude rating.


Direct Drive Models PSI GPM Temp CC Engine
SS30003VH 3000 3.0 250°F 479 Vanguard Gas
SS35003VH 3000 3.5 250°F 479 Vanguard Gas
SS38004VG 3800 4.0 250°F 479 Vanguard Gas
SS40004V 4000 3.5 250°F 479 Vanguard Gas
SS40004VG 4000 4.0 250°F 570 Vanguard Gas
Belt Drive Models PSI GPM Temp CC Engine
SS30004HG 3000 3.8 200°F 389 GX390 Honda Gas
SS30004VG 3000 4.0 250°F 479 Vanguard Gas
SS30005VH 3000 4.8 250°F 479 Vanguard Gas
SS30008HG 3000 7.3 200°F 688 GX630 Honda Gas
SS35004VG 3500 4.0 250°F 479 Vanguard Gas
SS35005VC 3500 4.6 250°F 570 Vanguard Gas
SS35005VG 3500 4.8 250°F 570 Vanguard Gas
SS35005VH 3500 4.8 250°F 570 Vanguard Gas
SS35006VG 3500 5.5 250°F 627 Vanguard Gas
SS35006HG 3500 5.5 250°F 688 GX630 Honda Gas
SS40005VH 4000 4.8 250°F 570 Vanguard Gas


Dimensions: 47.5″l x 27.5″w x 40.25″h