Eco Friendly

Everyone is going green these days and we feel it Pressure Washing Chemicals is a trend worth following. Here at Energen we are constantly finding ways to limit our footprint on our beautiful planet. 

In the chemical industry, this is a delicate balance. We aim to keep our production as eco-friendly as possible while still providing a quality cleaning product. Therefore, we have created some specially designed products to help you stay on the green side.

Our eco-friendly line of chemicals still have the cleaning power to tackle big jobs like removing mineral deposits from mixing trucks, while keeping the impact of our environment as a priority.

You can see all of our eco-friendly chemical options below or contact us. with any questions.

Acetic Acid (Vinegar)

30% strength concentrate. Used as an eco-freindly bleach alternative to kill bacteria, mold & mildew. Also a great window & glass cleaner.

Sand Maker

Strong but safe acidic cleaner. Removes light to heavy concrete and mineral deposits from mixing trucks, scaffolding, forms, tools and more. Excellent Efflorescence Remover, Oxidation Remover & Gutter Cleaner.

Natural Orange Degreaser & All-Purpose Cleaner

This eco-friendly product emulsifies heavy grease, soap scum, rubber burns, floor finishes, black heel marks, dirt, printer ink and carbon deposits. It ranges from an all purpose cleaner to a heavy duty industrial degreaser.

MX-46 Degreaser

Effective oil, tar and asphalt remover for use on heavy equipment and aboard ships for cleaning tanks, bilges and oil spills. This product has all the dissolving power required to do the job but none of the objectionable odors.

Lonza Barlox 12

This high foaming surfactant additive that can be used in a broad number of industrial applications. It is naturally derived, compatible with other surfactants, has outstanding detergency & hypochlorite tolerance.

House Wash

Designed for removing dirt, pollen, mold, mildew, light oils and grease from the exterior of residential and commercial buildings. Great for wood, vinyl, masonry, brick and metal.

CW Emulsion Cleaner

Very effective oil, tar, asphalt remover that is designed for use on heavy equipment and aboard ships for cleaning tanks, bilges & oil spills. It has all of the dissolving power to do the job but none of the objectionable odors.

Car Wash & Wax Concentrate

Wash and wax your vehicle in just one step. This product adds a protective polymer coating to the surface of your vehicle that enhances the gloss of your paint and repels water for an extended shine. It will quickly break down and remove even the most tenacious soils without the use of harsh caustics.