Pressure Washing

At Energen we manufacture a variety of specialty chemicals to meet the needPressure Washing Chemicals of any pressure washing project. Our pressure washing chemicals range from concentrated bleach to eco-friendly options and work with both hot and cold water pressure washers.

The use of quality pressure washer soaps and detergents will extend the life of your equipment while saving you valuable time.  Using cleaners with your pressure washing job will remove grime more quickly and efficiently than pressure washing alone.  Some jobs require specialty detergents to cut through road film, grease, and diesel smoke.

We have a solution for it all.  Check out some of our specialty pressure washing chemicals below.  For additional questions on any of the pressure washing products below  contact Energen.

MX-44 Powder Concentrate

High-strength powder concentrate designed for washing commercial vehicles and equipment. Ideal for heavy grease, fleet vehicles, heavy equipment, exhaust areas, concrete and stainless steel surfaces.

Lonza Barlox 12

This high foaming surfactant additive that can be used in a broad number of industrial applications. It is naturally derived, compatible with other surfactants, has outstanding detergency & hypochlorite tolerance.

House Wash

Designed for removing dirt, pollen, mold, mildew, light oils and grease from the exterior of residential and commercial buildings. Great for wood, vinyl, masonry, brick and metal.

FS-20 Degreaser

FS-20 has a wide variety of uses from an all purpose cleaner to a heavy duty degreaser. Emulsifies heavy grease, soap scum, rubber burns, black heel marks, dirt, printers ink, and carbon deposits.

CW Emulsion Cleaner

Very effective oil, tar, asphalt remover that is designed for use on heavy equipment and aboard ships for cleaning tanks, bilges & oil spills. It has all of the dissolving power to do the job but none of the objectionable odors.

CC-62 Degreaser

High-strength alkaline based degreaser that is made for cleaning engines, heavy machinery, greasy floors, white side walls, kitchen hoods, deep fryers and even for stripping floors. Also great for Stainless Steel!

CC-124 Degreaser

CC-124 is our strongest alkaline-based degreaser and is designed to eliminate the toughest grease. Ideal for kitchen hoods, deep fryers, grease traps, and heavy machinery. It is also an excellent concrete cleaner.

BD-30 Concentrate

Our most versatile degreaser. Strong enough to clean engines, but safe to use on wood, plastics and even furniture! Continues to work well under high-dilution ratios.

Aluminum Brightener

Revitalize any unpainted aluminum surface with our fast-acting Aluminum Brightner. This product etches the surface of aluminum to remove aluminum oxide, and other residues. It will also remove oil, grease and carbon stack stain.