July 13, 2017

Tips for Pressure Washing Wood & Composite Decks

Some of us may not realize it at first glance, but there is a science to Pressure Washing effectively. Every surface has its own unique properties and its own unique dirt. You might be surprised by how tricky some surfaces can be to clean; especially delicate materials like wood and composites. Here are some tricks-of-the-trade to help you with those tough stains.

  • Firstly, you want to make sure your pressure is right. Typically you don’t need a machine rated higher than 1500-2000psi, and 40 or 60 degree nozzle is recommended.
  • It is a good idea to sweep & lightly scrub the surface before pressure washing to remove the outer layer of dirt. Use a synthetic brush with medium to stiff bristles. After you’re done, rinse it down with water. Make sure you don’t skip the gaps between the boards. They are breeding grounds for mold due to moisture and debris accumulation.
  • Next, you want to soak the deck with soap and let it sit for about 10 minutes without drying. Avoid using any chemicals with chlorine bleach in them as it can easily eat away at the materials and can worsen mold and mildew issues down the road.
  • After soaking, use the pressure washer to spray in smooth, even strokes without getting closer than 1ft from the surface. This helps avoid lap marks and chipping.
  • Start on the inside and move outwards making horizontal movements with the spray wand. Corners can be tricky, so we recommend doing those first. And, remember, don’t skip the gaps! You may have to repeat this step 2-3 times.
  • When you have finished and the surface has dried, apply a moisture barrier sealant to help protect the materials and prevent mold/mildew, deck rot and warping. Be cautious of any “waterproofing” sealants as they can trap moisture underneath.

Repeat these steps 1-2 times per year to keep your deck in tip-top shape.

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