December 19, 2018

Winterizing Your Pressure Washer

With the first day of winter right around the corner, most of us have finished up our yearly pressure washing to-do’s and are pushing those pressure washers to the back of the garage until next year. Before doing so there are some important steps you should take to properly winterize and store your machine to prevent damage throughout the winter. This will dramatically extend the life of your equipment, and your wallet will thank you! Here are the key components to protecting your machine during those freezing winter months:

  1. Drain the Gas if you plan to store for 30 days or longer. It takes Gasoline around 30 days to go stale. Running old gas through your machine can cause various malfunctions and can lead to some costly repairs. Furthermore, most gasoline sold in the US is Ethanol based which begins to deteriorate the minute it is pumped. This breakdown causes corrosion, rust and build-up in your tank. Add a Fuel Treatment Stabilizer before storing your unit, run for a few minutes to allow the treatment to circulate. Then turn off your system.
  2. Drain your pump. This is important especially in freezing temperatures, but also to prevent grime and mold build-up in your pump. When you are finished using your machine, turn it off while holding the trigger on your spray gun until all water has drained. Disconnect all garden hoses and high-pressure hoses and make sure those are drained as well. If you live in extreme cold temperatures, you may want to do an anti-freeze flush as well.
  3. Protect your pump by using a Pump Saver Oil. These bottles attach directly to the garden hose inlet of your pump. Pull the Recoil handle twice to flush oil through the pump. This helps prevent not only freezing, but also rust and over-drying.
  4. Store your unit in a clean, dry place to avoid external corrosion.


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